Resolving Nutritional Issues Edit

Yellowing leaves
  • Overwatering
  • Nutrient solution too old
  • Nutrient solution not concentrated enough
  • pH incorrect
  • Reduce frequency of watering
  • Replace nutrient solution
  • Replace nutrient solution. Mix according to instructions.
  • Adjust pH up or down

Wilting leaves

  • Too much heat from lamps
  • Under watering
  • Increase distance from lamps, implement active cooling
  • Increase frequency of watering
Bitter taste
  • Excessive nitrogen
  • Reduce available nitrogen
  • Increase pH
  • Remix nutrient according to instructions
Soggy, brown roots
  • Excessive irrigation
  • Improve aeration of root region
Growth slows after first weeks
  • Wrong nutrient solution type
  • Wrong lighting
  • Change solution to a flowering-type
  • Change lighting to flowering-type
"Burning" around fringes of leaves
  • Concentration of nutrient solution too high, or flow rate is too high
  • Slow nutrient flow rate, reduce concentration of nutrient solution

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