Starting Edit

You can start peppers from seeds, just like almost any other crop. You can also clone a cutting, which gives you a 7-10 jump on things.

Pollination Edit

Every flower is a complete flower, meaning that it contains both male and female parts and you do not need to go from flower to flower. Pollination is as easy as gently vibrating the flower, or lightly touching the inside with a
Yellow Pepper Flower

Pepper flower (Asti di Giallo)

paintbrush. Pollination needs to be done manually indoors, as there is no wind to shake the flowers.

Pests Edit

I've found that aphids are very fond of pepper plants. You can kill them by using a pesticide or spraying them with soapy water. They are soft-bodied, so you can also kill them by popping them with your fingers. Aphids do not like basil, and so you may have some luck planting basil around your peppers.